Youth Ministry


Our Sunday Agape Youth Meetings take place two times a month, immediately following our 10am service worship time, in our youth/prayer room. This is a time of sharing, teaching, and watching special videos (sometimes very funny videos!) dealing with Christian youth related topics and issues. We also have times of learning about worship music, HT worship, prayer, and discovering our spiritual gifts (and HT use them effectively). Over the years our Youth group has also participated in Youth Conferences and day trips for special events & activities.

Our goal is to encourage our youth to be engaged in the life of the church and to grow in their faith and hearts to serve.

Our Youth ministry leadership team includes Pastor Chip Adams-Compton, our Women’s leader Kathy Murray, Brothers Joe Salzano & Joe Zanovitch, and other guest ministers, from time to time.

We welcome families to come to Agape, and encourage youth (age 13+) to become part of our Youth Group!